GROWTH GROUPS (G2) exist to bring people together.  We are not created to live life alone. You will find a group to connect with, to gain encouragement, support and meaningful relationships.


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KIDZ CITY is a fun and safe place for your children to learn about the love of God.  Each week they will have a great time singing and age-appropriate Bible lessons that will help them to grow in their own faith.   


The Bridge has a vibrant woman's ministry - simply click on the image to connect.

The Bridge mission and vision to plant campus churches throughout the South Shore is realized in part at our Bridge School of Ministry.

Our three year program prepares leaders to KNOW God, achieve certification to ordination within the Assemblies of God and activate their gifts for the Kingdom of God.

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Join Pastor Joe each evening Tuesday thru Saturday 8:30pm on our Bridge Facebook Live as he concludes each day with prayer.  Please notify us if you have any specific request for prayer.


We are created for relationship.  
At the Bridge we know that life is better together.
We find purpose when we are connected and serving others.
 It is our mission that every person discover their
God-given gift and live in community.